The Glasscoat™ - GF 600 Multilayer Lining System
Glass fiber reinforced epoxy vinyl ester resin. Corrosion resistant lining system for pools, and aquatic structures.


Spray-Application with Precision, State-of-the-Art Equipment
Glasscoat - GF 600 is unlike conventional fiberglass i.e., hand lay up (fiberglass mat). The glass reinforcement is incorporated into the resin matrix, and sprayed as a homogeneous mass.

GRC has technical expertise, specialized knowledge, and years of experience in corrosion protection. We offer various fiberglass materials, based on project requirements - from light coatings, to heavy-duty linings for industrial corrosion protection.

Our designated applicators will work with you, from start-to-finish, ensuring a timely completion of the renovation of your pool.

The philosophy, and success of GRC is driven by a commitment to technical innovation, and delivering the best technical knowledge, and customer satisfaction.

Our applicators have the experience with both commercial and residential pools, as well as distressed pools, or other complex aquatic renovation projects.