15 Year Material Performance Warranty

The warranty offered is descriptive, and meaningful, compared to the hollow warranties presented, for cement based products. The reason for this,is that cementitious materials are inherently flawed under immersion service.It does not matter what admixtures, aggregates, and other materials are incorporated into the base cement.These products simply do not match the corrosion resistance of composite materials( a pool is a corrosion environment) The introduction of specialty products has exploded in recent years,because basic white plaster has underperformed after replastering. Plaster firms now promote specialty plasters, to create the impression amongst pool owners, that these materials are very durable. Field observation demonstrates that this is not the case. Side-by-side comparison, has revealed superior long term performance of the composite material. For this reason, fiberglass is
now the de facto material used, to refinish commercial pools. The material produces an overall reduction in operating costs. The fiberglass warranty addresses the performance characteristics of the fiberglass surface. Composite materials are the only products, that retain these characteristics long term.

Features coverered

  • No spalling of surface
  • No roughness,pitting & etching
  • No discoloration & staining
  • Prevents algae adherence - smooth ,dense,non porous surface
  • Covers structural/hairline cracks
  • Eliminates rebar stains permanently
  • Prevents formation of calcium nodules
  • Inert nature prevents movement of extractable/leachable material - easier pH control
  • Reduces chemical consumption - pool chemicals are more efficient
  • Improves pool heating(insulating effect)
  • Not sensitive to out-of-balance water chemistry - inert surface
  • Superior bonding-will not disbond like cementitious materials
  • Withstands high temperatures in commercial spas - will not spall, get rough,discolor, or snag bathing suites
  • Superior long term aesthetics retention, compared to cement based products

A 25 YEAR SYSTEM is applied ,based on epoxy vinyl ester resin chemistry.These materials are widely used in the chemical industry, due to their superior corrosion resistance.


The cure time is 2 days, then fill and start-up. No 3 week brushing required like plaster. Short pool downtime, means rapid return - to - service. The start-up operation for fiberglass, is far less costly and complicated than plaster start-ups. The fiberglass finish is very complementary to alternative sanitizers. Drastic reduction in chlorine requirements.

All projects are performed according to N A C E & SSPC CONSENSUS STANDARDS (technical coatings societies) Adherence to these standards, ensures sound application procedures that are followed for every project. Application defects, are covered by all warranties.